When children are involved, one of the most important aspects to any domestic relations matter is the determination of custody. Although every family is unique, most situations must reconcile such questions as, where and with whom the children will live? When will the children visit with the other parent? Who will make important decisions about the children’s lives?

Under Georgia law, both physical custody (parenting time) and legal custody (decision-making) of minor children is determined in accordance with the “best interests” standard. There are a host of “best interest factors” considered by Georgia courts in determining the physical and legal custody arrangements that should prevail, such as the emotional ties existing between each parent and the children, each parent’s knowledge and familiarity of the children’s needs, the mental and physical health of each parent, each parent’s involvement in the children’s educational, social, and extracurricular activities, and each parent’s willingness to facilitate a relationship between the children and the other parent.

The outcome of either a custody settlement or custody trial is a Parenting Plan, which sets forth, in black and white, the day-to-day parenting time arrangement, the parameters for exercising parenting time, and the directives for making decisions for the children.

Attorney, Stephanie Wilson, will ask you the right questions to get to know you and your marital and parental history. She will work with you to gather the necessary evidence to support your contentions as to the physical and legal custody arrangements that would best facilitate your children’s best interests.

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